Fall Anime 2009 Line Up Intrests

Welp, its that time of year! Fall! My favorite! The air gets crisper, the leaves turn into beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow….AND A BATCH OF BRAND NEW ANIME IS READY FOR WATCHING!

*sniff* It’s beautiful, isn’t it? :3

Well, it looks like I’ve decided to go and get excited over a good handful of the shows here that interested me. It is unrealistic that I will actually finish all these shows, but its worth a shot anyways.  Hopefully I’ll be able to blog about all of these after watching them, with my own ideas on the episode and the show’s overall progression. Enough with my blabbery nonsence; here are the winners for my viewing:

Letter Bee
Tegami Bachi

I had planned on reading Tegami Bachi for some time now but kept on forgetting to finish the first chapter (it’s not that it was boring, I just always had something to do at the time lol) so when I saw that it was going to be animated this fall, I nearly fell out of my seat. It much easier for me to focus on shonen anime than shonen manga (for some odd reason lol…it’s the opposite with shojo)!  So, I look forward to watching this as much as I looked forward to reading it! 😛

Fairy Tail

Another story of, “I wanted to read this but it’s more convenient for my attention span to watch it”.  I love the drawing style, and I personally don’t see it as a rip off of One Piece like others do. We shall see what happens!


With me being a total fangirl of CLAMP, collecting their manga and whatnot, of course I had read Kobato before and loved it…loved it like a fat kid loves cake…mmmm caaake. *ahem* So when I  found out about this I literally screamed with joy! This is one that I am NOT going to quit! It is CLAMP, and therefore it is AWESOME~!

Miracle Train

O.k….So all all know about this anime so far is it has to do with trains and a train station and blah bla bishies blah bla-*SCREEEECH* WAAIIIIT!!!!  BISHIES!? *strares at picture* Oh…oh good heavens…I MUST WATCH THIS!!! The mens look too prettys! T^T…er ahem..I’m sure it has a reat storyline too…yes yes stoooryliiine….

Inuyasha-Final Act

Inuyasha is one of the animes that really got me started into the whole “otaku” thing. It was that, Fruits Basket, and Fullmetal Alchemist…. so seeing a new and final season of Inuyasha feels almost nostalgic. My 15 year old self is leaping with joy!

Nyan-Koi im going to give a shot…cuz it haz kittehs. lol Just one ep though and we’ll see where it goes from there!

This concludes my Fall Anime line up intrests! Next to come for the Fall Anime is the reviews on their first episodes and a post on all of the fall 2009 anime openings (because I’m an opening fanatic lol)!



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