Fall 2009 Anime Reviews Part 1!

O.K! After a weekend of waiting for subs, waiting for videos to load, and waiting to type this (waiting isn’t FUUN), I am pleased to present my views and opinions of the animes I’ve started for the fall line up! ZOMG so excited! Okies lets see!

Ur lettarz....I haz themz!

Tegami Bachi
The  overall monochrome feeling of the anime sent chills down my spine. In a good way. Basically, its about this boy named Lag Seeing who is picked up by a guy named Gauche who is a Letter Bee. Think as Letter Bees like…extreme postal men lol. I mean seriously! These guys fight off these big ass bugs with fragments of their hearts for Pete’s sake! Anywhoo, So Lag is a package and its Gauche’s duty to get him to his destination.
The overall setting of the anime is like a world in eternal night…where he capital, Akatsuki,  is a giant artificial sun type thing….at least from the information I’ve gathered so far lol. Apparently, Lag’s mother was taken away and sent to Akatsuki for a reason nobody knows yet. Gauche also has his own background going on and both backgrounds make excellent stages for character development.

I don’t want to spoil too much of the episode! xD

The animation was very smooth and pleasing to the eye. I fell in love with the art style here. The shadowing, the cool colors used, everything. It’s like a diamond. It’s clean, dazzling, and precise. Beautiful.

If you like mysterious, steampunk-ish, shonen like anime this is highly recommended to give a shot. There’s humor here too, it’s not all sad lol. Just from one episode (i’ve read some manga on it too…teehee…thats’s not cheating! >.<) i think it’s AWESOME! I can’t wait for more! :3


Inuyasha: The Final Act

Hey guise...narakus behind yaz! Your facing the wrong wai!!  D:

Hey guise...Naraku's behind yaz! Your facing the wrong wai!! D:

This little review here is ment for people who have obviously seen Inuyasha… because if you haven’t and just think its ok to jump into The final Act…. DON’T! Oh my gawd I was so confused it wasn’t FUNNY! And I used to LOOOVE Inuyasha! It was one of the first animes I got really into back when I was only 15! It’s likie one of your old best friends comes back and you know its them…but so much has changed! It’s been a couple of years since I’ve last seen it so I was expecting a little flash back or something to remind me of what was going on. BOY WAS I WRONG! ;_;

I remembered some things from my avid fangirl-ness of the series, like the characters and the main plot of killing Naraku. The characters are impossible to forget (especially Sesshomaru…eheheeee *w*) as well as their relationships with each other and main icidents they’ve gone through. I was pretty happy with the episode except for the following WTH moments:

  • WTH was Kikyo doing still alive? I mean…I must have missed a season or two I guess because I remember her dying but in this episode she was running around killing things. What ever reason she’s there…idk I’ll look for it online. lol
  • WTH was with Kagura? Again, I must have missed something or not remebered something because shes apperently not on Naraku’s side no mores.
  • WTH is with their Japanese voices!? I’m sorry but Iwas raised and fed on their english dubs. I personally DO NOT like Inuyasha’s voice in Japanese. He sounds whiny and annoying. But then maybe I’m being to harsh lol. Perhaps I’ll get used to it. :/

Okies I’m done complaining. :3 I’ll give it some more time and give myself some time as too research what I missed and when I missed it lol. I cannot let my 15 year old self with the recorded VHS tapes of Inuyasha down! This is for you little Dezi-chan!! >.<



Miracle train

Theyz on ur trainz...stealin' ur heartz!

Theyz on ur trainz...stealin' ur heartz!

…..I JUUUUST finished watching the first episode of this.
…….I  LOVED IT! xDDD  I seriously don’t know where to begin with this….I’ll start with a simple review of the episode!  😀

Basically the episode begins with the Mr. Announcer Narrator man saying stuff that there’s a legendary train that only appears before troubled women( I WUNNA GO OOON! lol). The train has a giant bishie blob of gorgeous bishie personified train stations. Yes you read that right. The bishonen on this train are the personified train stations on the Oedo Line in Japan. ….such an original concept. It’s one of those ” It just might be crazy enough to work!” concepts lol. But I love it. ITS GENIUS! xD
In any case, so your a trouble female and you think your going…what, shopping or whatever and you step on this train and NOBODY else is there but these guys. It sounds suspicious, no? lol
Well the girl in this episode with the little doggie in her bag and is (obviously) troubled. She loses her dog and needs to find him pronto! She seems to care so much for it. Why? Why else is she troubled? Will she tell the train men so they can help her with her problems? WILL THEY FIND TEH DOGGIE?  I don’t want to get too into it, because then I’ll ruin it! x3
It seems like there is absolutely no actual plot here, at least for now. Just short stories about all these chicks and and their problems and the super train men come to save the day with their dashing good looks and the ability to listen to all your problems and be compassionate in helping you. Sounds too good to be true huh? Sounds like these men are perfect? Well, the catch is…THEY ARE TRAIN STATIONS. Its not healthy to fall in love with buildings (says the girl who is attracted to anime menz).  They have the greatest personalities though! Characters receive A+! ^.^d
I think what helped me a lot with understanding the episode cultural-wise, was my trip to Japan and all the time I spent in train stations and on trains. It was so much that I knew how to buy my own ticket. SO! If you have any knowledge on Japanese train stations, it might come in handy lol.

Ok well I’m gunna stop right here because I’m writting a lot about this anime and its not fair to my other reviews…makes them look cheap. lol  But overall this is a good balanced start to the fall 2009 season. Next I’ll write about my unexpected reviews, which are A Certain Scientific Railgun, which was recommended to me and Nyan Koi. Untill next time! (>^.^)>~




  1. LOL! you’re probably rolling in a bed of anime paradise funzies~! ^.^

    For some reason The Tegami Bachi, and Miracle Train remind me of an old anime that I watched in my younger days (much younger) of a boy who was trapped in a dream world and there was trains and other bedroom things everywhere. It was so long ago that I forget most all of it except that there was a boy in a dreamland with trains. And i think they had also made a game out of it for the NES. I guess it’s like memories that you had that feel more like dreams rather than a reality that happened a long time ago.

    Anyways it gave me a surreal flashback.

    On the Inuyasha review, my first expression was those dark gloomy vertical squiggly lines with an overcast shadow on my face with half opened eyes, because I was in such disbelief that you didn’t know why certain characters where still alive. (not to be critical, but for the sake of honoring one of ‘my’ first anime to have watched beginning to end. >..<!

  2. k, i don’t know if it shows the whole comment on this blog somewhere so i’ll post the complete blog here: http://wp.me/pEzpk-r

  3. moelitist Said:

    Miracle train…. -twitch-

    😛 Gotta go watch Nyan Koi! and Railgun now! Railgun = Amazing. :3

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