Unexpected Reviews! Yay! my brain hurts! @w@

Surprise! OMG NO WAI! MOR REVIEWS? Don’t you have a life Dezi-chan? Apparently not…lol. Okies, it seems as though I’ve gotten my self into troubles with the following anime:

Nyan Koi



A wacky anime where the main charater can understand cats? YES PLZ!   Nya Koi first caught my eye because of the style of  the anime. Don’t ask me why, but I just really liked the style of the characters when I saw them on the chart. Upon closer inspection, I noticed adorable kitties in the picture and the summary was interesting, so I decided to give it a shot. I didn’t expect me to go  totally crazy over this anime, but I have. I’ve fallen head over heals after one episode lol.

Whats basically goin’ on here is the main guy, Junpei Kosaka, is terribly allergic to cats and isn’t to fond of them either…ok so he hates cats, but I’d hate some thing too if it made me sneeze constantly.  His mom and sister totally disregard that fact and keep a big fat cat in the house as a pet (poor dude lol) which he has woken up to and just noticed this morning that he can understand cats. Apparently yesterday he knocked down the head from a cat god statue thing and now he’s got a curse on him that if he doesn’t help out 100 cats, he himself will turn into a cat and eventually suffocate from allergies from his own fur (what a sucky way to go lol).  As for romance,  he’s in love with a chick named Mizuno, who loves cats…a lot lol (you’ll see why later in the episode).

The opening and ending are just ADORABLEEE~! Very catchy lol. This anime had me laughing out loud in a bunch parts, so be sure to watch it where you can laugh out loud freely for maximum experience, lol. The cats in here are adorable and funny as hell (it’s even funnier if your a cat owner lol) especially the little white one, who has the cutest look on his face…like some sort of confused blank stare, lol. Idk I thought they were cute! :3 There are many zany things going on here and if your a fan of comedy/ romance type stuff, I know you won’t be disappointed! And! For only 12 episodes, this one seems to be a good anime to keep up with. I look forward to more episodes! x3
The Sacred Blacksmith

Huh, I didn't know they made form fitting boob armor...

Huh, I didn't know they made form fitting boob armor...

Ok, I seriously didn’t think I watched this. It had no appeal or eye catching-ness when I saw it on the chart. Honestly. But I saw the the opening from random clicking on youtube, and was speechless. The opening…was sooo aweosme and interesting, so I said “What the heck…” and watched the episode. The episode was also awesome and interesting and again I said, “What the heck…!” And here I am, writing about it and etching it forever on  my myanimelist.com account.

It starts out by showing a battle going on which will happen later on in the episode, kinda like a little taste of the action to reel you in later.  Then we meet the heroine, Cecily Cambell (that chick in the middle with the red hair) who is a noob knight following her fathers footsteps… who looks like she knows what she’s doing, but really she doesn’t. At first she seems kinda annoying with all her talk and then failing but she’s in good intentions. I like her. ^-^ Then we meet this dude Luke who keeps popping in and saving her. He’s pretty badass (…and attractive lol but something tells me Cecily’s gunna like him, so I’m not gunna get attached…if thats the case then i iz happehs cuz i like her lol) and he’s got a katana which I guess in their region is uncommon. His little sister apperently, Lisa is just so adorable I want to glomp her! She’s a sweet polite little girl with a hidden power that I’m not gunna tell you lol. Her brother aids in with this power *hint hint* You’ll just have to watch if you wanna know! 😉

Anyways, I think what really sold me here beside the character designs and personalites, are the fighting scenes. They were really awesome, and the smooth animation reminded me of Soul Eater’s fighting scenes…which I miss dearly lol. Luke does this side step thing and even though it was brief, the animation was sooo precice I had to rewind that to watch again. Hoonestly, I loved the fighting scenes. The demon one was the best! x3

So, if fighting/ rich plot/ lots of swords  stories are up your ally, try this. I think you’ll like it. Of course its too early in the game to determine how this will end. It can either go really really good or end up really really bad with confusion, but I think it’ll make it! 🙂

P.S! The ending…ADORABLE! So cute and sweet it gave me a toothache lol. And for anyone a fan of Yui from K-ON out there, I think you’ll like the ending…and Lisa lol.

To Aru Kagaku No Railgun

The X-menz got nuffin on us!

The X-menz got nuffin on us!

I am really shocked (no pun intended) on how I actually liked this lol. This was recommended to my good friend Avery (click link for his blog) who ranted how much he loved it. So I said “Ok I’ll give it a shot”. Sure enough as I was watching the episode…I found my self enjoying it lol.

It gave me a feel of X-men for some reason, except they aren’t mutants, just experiments  who reside in a city which basically is 20 to 30 years more advanced in technology than the outside world (which is NEAAT) .  There was a lot of…um…yuri things, and being an avid yaoi person and being straight (nothing against gay ppl, i got lots of them 4 friends) normally i would twitch at such things but after all the anime I’ve seen, I think I’m just immune to fanservice. It was getting annoying on how the chick with the pigtails was all over the main girl (their names slip my mind >.<;) like every 5 minutes.  But aside from this the fight scenes were pretty damn good and the characters are easy to follow with. You feel as though your right there with them, buying crepes, lol.  Overall, railgun was pretty good. I always say “Give an anime 5 episodes and then you can tell if its a keeper”. This applies with men too…LMAO just kidding. xDD

Next time on Dezi-chan’s blog! K-Kawaiii time! K is for Kobato, Kimi No Todoke and KAWAIII! Oh and Yumerio Patissiere!! xD



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  1. Peter S. Said:

    Good reviews, Dezi. I’ve been thinking about Nyan Koi! and Railgun on Avery’s recommendation.. so I’m checking those out. I had heard of people talking about the Blacksmith anime online and now I’m looking at that one, too. (They even spoke about the same form-fitting breastplate. lul) Keep up the OMOSHIROI reviews — I eagerly await something to take over Toradorable in awesomeness.

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