Fall Anime reviews Part 2!

Its time for the KAWAII, girly things that I’ve seen!


The cutest thing in a hat and sundress! x3

The cutest thing in a hat and sundress! x3

I have to say that Kobato is the anime on this WHOOLE list that I have beeen anticipating for a looong looong time….even before they stated they’d make it an anime (which would happen eventually lol ). CLAMP is just…AMAZING. I usually read and buy the manga because I like to see the art work that they have drawn, instead of an animator (exception of Cardcaptor Sakura) . But this time I gave it a shot and I absolutely loved it, and here’s why.

Kobato is about…well Kobato the main girl who has to fill a jar up with the shattered heart pieces of people. It’s quite the concept! ^0^The first episode just has her show her blue dog buddy, Mr. Ioryogi, that she’s capable to live on earth and fufill the task at hand. Her prize is a jar to hold all the shattered pieces inside. I got a jar of heart shards! xD ….ah nobody got that huh? Disney’s “Pirates of the Carrebean 2”? …O_O;

Kobato’s character, however, is what really gets you. She’s like the cutest, clumsiest thing you’ve ever wanted to hug. She does everything with the purest understanding (well she seems to lack basic earthly human knowledge, lol)  and Mr. Ioryogi is just an angry badass little dog who guides Kobato…in a harsh way, but I’m sure with every intention of her doing her best! Right Mr. Ioryogi? Right?? …………………..
SO! If you like cute pure chicks who are clumsy (kinda like Mikuru from TMoHS…without the boin) , angry mascots, and fantasy stories with some possible romance on the side…You shouldn’t watch this…LMAO I kid i kid!!! xDD



Kimi ni Todoke

THIS! THIS right HERE! Is an awesome anime! THis one I totally love…probably because I can relate to it somehow. lol

Since this is coming out late, I’ve already watched 3 episodes of it and I CRAVE more! Sometimes I feel like the just reading the manga but then I know I won’t watch the anime.

In a nutshell, This is about a kind girl named Kuronma Sawako and she’s not good at making friends. WHY? because she looks like Sadako from the ring (and is nicknamed so) which leads her fellow classmates to thing you will be cursed if you so much as sit in her chair. Of course she’s normal and quite dense at the fact that people think of her like that. It pretty sad because shes trying her hardest to get people to like her. Along comes the most popular guy in her class, Kazehaya Shouta, who’s friendly and refreshing and all full of bishie sweetness…and well…HE PAYS ATTENTION TO HER! And not only that! But he tries and tries to get their class mates to accept her and show that she’s not scary, which leads two girls to befriend her! He’s beginning to take a fancy to her too. lol

The begining and ending are BEAUTIFUL. The begining song makes me want to cry. I love Sawako…I wish she was my friend! ^-^

As you may have guessed, this is full of shojo goodness…but that doesn’t mean its just for girls. 😉

Yumeiro Patissiere

It's like friggin Gakuen Alice...WITH CAKE! @_@


Its sad that I cannot pronounce this anime’s title. ;_;

OMG…this anime makes you SOOOO hungry. =.=;;
I’ve got a BIIG sweet tooth…and all these people do is BAKE and stuff. >_>;

Anyhoo, so we got the main girl, Ichigo, and in episode 1 we she is a clumsy little thing who is overshadowed by her little sister. At her little sisters piano recital, Ichigo finds a place stuffed with sweets, and starts talking to this guy Henry. Ichigo realizes that the reason she loves sweets so much is because her grandma used to make them all the time and no matter what, it would make Ichigo happy. Turns out that her grandma was big at St. Marie’s Patissiere Academy and this Henry dude knew her before she passed away. Henry let’s Ichigo try his new dessert, and finds that she has an incredible sence of taste and tells her she should attend St. Maries. It’s Ichigo’s dream to be a patissiere…and thus she sets off on her journey for her dream.

Well, it doesn’t SOUND too intresting, but! It gets better! ^-^; If you like Gakuen Alice and SHugo Chara and all things cute and yummy, with a dash of little bishonen boys and young romance…I don’t know why the hell you haven’t watched this lol.

WOOOOOOOOOOO~! OK sooooooo…I wrote this AFTER watching 3 episodes of each! ^^ ARGGG…these are all such goood animes ;_;. Or maybe I’m just too accepting of everything …lol. >w<

Fairy Tail review coming soon!


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  1. DerangedDerek Said:

    It’s about time you got back to doing this. I’ve only seen 1 episode of each so I still don’t know too much about these. I remember that I really had nothing negative to say though. These aren’t somehing I would go out of my way to watch, but might enjoy if someone wanted to sit down and watch them with me.

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