What on Earth is this about? Who r U!?!?

Hi thar! I’m Dezi-chan, your average 19 year old anime/ manga otaku fangirl with a love for all things Japanese and a weakness for bishonen! Welcome to my blog! From now on, I’ll be updating anything related to anime, manga, and Japanese culture from my personal fangirlish hyper opinion!

ok for one, DONT ASK ME HOW I’M ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH ALL OF THESE (including naruto, katekyo hitman reborn, finishing of 07-ghost and a lot more lol) It’s a skill I’ve acquired over years of watching anime. Trying this without proper training can result in bad grades, loss of reality, headaches,  sore eyes, angry parents, and more.

Thank you for reading~!

Hope you all enjoy! ^-^


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